Dr. Halsted between pleasure & pain

Dr. Halsted between pleasure & pain

Discover the fascinating story of Dr. William Halsted, the Father of Modern Surgery, in Jacobo Fe Gismera’s autobiographical screenplay. In this interview, the writer shares insights on his research process and how he created a round and charismatic character with hints of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. With a focus on historical accuracy and creative storytelling, Gismera’s script offers a unique perspective on a critical period in our society’s development.

Cannes 7th Art Awards 2022 highlights of independent film screenings in Cannes.

Cine Review Cannes 7th Art Awards

CANNES, ALPES-MARITIMES, FRANCE, October 20, 2022 /Cinereview.com/

The 3d edition of the “Cannes 7th Art Awards” (formerly known as “Cannes International Independent Film Festival”) took place at the Espace Miramar movie theater located in the Croisette in Cannes.
On Thursday, October 16, the opening cocktail took place, with the support of Mr. Dominique Pagès, Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan in the Southern Region and Occitania, and the Сhâteau de Saint-Martin,the cru classe estate of vineyards. All visitors were offered a free tasting of Eternelle Favorite rosé wine, which received the gold Decanter medal of the Word Wine Awards 2022.

Riku Suokas – 365 Days Later

Cine Review Riku Suokas

The adult sisters, Suski and Mikko, and Mikko’s 11-year-old child, Miro, come to visit their mother Anne for an annual visit on her birthday. Little by little, it becomes clear why the children only visit their mother once a year. Anne gets the whole group confused by talking about her favorite topics – death and accidents.

Timeless Love

Cine Review Timeless Love

Sarina Film Production’s first short film, Timeless Love, written and produced by Simin Vaswani, has qualified for the 2023 Oscars and is eligible for an Academy Award nomination at the 95th Academy Awards in March 2023.


Cine Review Nargesi

The film, Nargesi, which is based on a true story, is about a character named Hussein.
Struggles of a Human Being with down syndrome disorder whose greatest wish is to find love and get married and, in that pursuit, he attempts at doing anything. It seems, however, that the present-day world offers no place for him and his love until a gift completely turns his life around.

Mother of Apostles

Cine Review Mother Of Apostles

The film “Mother of Apostles” is a Ukrainian military drama directed by Zaza Buadze, member of European Film Academy. The premiere in Ukraine took place in 2020. Bohdan Benyuk, Nataliya Polovynka, Oleksandr Pozharskyi, Stanislav Shtokin are in the main roles.

For I am Dead

Cine Review For I Am Dead Patricia Delso Lucas

“For I Am Dead”, Short film, Belgium, 2021 // Writer, director, producer: Patricia Delso LucasKey Cast: Al Nazemian, Al Nazemian In late-1800s Europe, Oscar, a wealthy but lonely middle-aged man who has lived a decadent, extravagant life in a chateau filled with wine, courtesans and opium, confesses love to his gardener Jude before he dies of his excesses

Dreams Live in Trees

Cine Review Dreams Live In Trees

Inspired by true events which took place in 1978 when Italy became the first country in the world to abolish mental asylums. Upon a closure of a “lunatic asylum” in Florence Anja returns home into the care of her brother Ettore and his wife Lisa.

Pursue Dreams Deferred

Cine Review Pursue Dreams Deferred

“Pursue Dreams Deferred” is a film about a woman who realizes she’s never achieved her childhood dream of becoming a ballerina, and decides to pursue it at 50 years old.

The Open

Cine Review The Open Tennis

Cardboard Stage’s film, ‘The Open’, is one that is unmatched. Director Kit Pilosof incorporates her personal experience with anxiety in a movement based fashion film in collaboration with designer, Maryam Keyhani, with a taste of Wimbledon choreographed by Dasha Schwartz.