Cannes 7th Art Awards 2022 highlights of independent film screenings in Cannes.

Cannes 7th Art Awards – 3d edition


The 3d edition of the “Cannes 7th Art Awards” (formerly known as “Cannes International Independent Film Festival”) took place at the Espace Miramar cinema theater located in the Croisette in Cannes on October 13-16, 2022.

On Thursday, October 13, the opening cocktail took place, with the support of Mr. Dominique Pagès, Honorary Consul of Kazakhstan in the Southern Region and Occitania, and the Сhâteau de Saint-Martin,the cru classe estate of vineyards. All visitors were offered a free tasting of Eternelle Favorite rosé wine, which received the gold Decanter medal of the Word Wine Awards 2022.

The organizer of the festival Cannes 7th Art Awards is the Cannes Association Silk Road Production.

“The main idea of the festival and of our Association particularly is to support and promote independent filmmakers from all over the world. The screenings of their films in Cannes, a world symbol of cinema, gives them an opportunity to make themselves known in Cannes, in the homeland of the main world known cinema festival, and to move forward on the international festival road. For me personally each nominated film is worthy of award. It has been our third year to select the films of different cinema schools from different countries with their own peculiarity of cinematic language, that we open both for the public and cinema professionals – our jury members. 

We are also happy, when the team members of nominated films, come to us from all over the world. And we are glad to see their eyes shining with joy. Moreover, we are doing all our best to make our festival cozy, welcoming with hospitality our nominees. 

I congratulate all the nominees with screenings in Cannes and all the Award winners of Cannes 7th Art Awards 2022.

I would also like to note that we have rebranded our festival this year. It used to be called the Cannes International Independent Film Festival -CIIFF. We began to notice that online festivals with a similar name appeared and international filmmakers began to confuse all these festivals, where the main name of the city of Cannes is.

Regarding the name The 7th Art, as it turned out, many do not understand its meaning, although in Europe the word “Cinema” is quite often replaced by the “7th Art”. A bit of history. Hegel, a German thinker of the 19th century, proposed a classification of various types of art. He starts with those that use the most materials, then those that he thinks express the most feelings. Over the centuries and artistic innovations, the classification has expanded. That’s why cinema is ranked 7th.

What are the different forms of art?

1 – architecture
2 – sculpture
3 – painting
4 – music
5 – poetry
6 – stage: theater and dance
7 – cinema

Thus, the  “Cannes 7th Art Awards” is identical to the name of the Cannes Film Awards, but with a more elegant name, since the selection of films focuses primarily exclusively on films as the art of cinema.”

Anara Musrepova
President of the Association Silk Road Production and President of Cannes 7th Art Awards Festival

The Cannes association Silk Road Production headed by Madame Anara Musrepova supports Ukraine during this tragic time and expresses a great respect to the brave people of this country. Therefore, opening the third edition of the festival, the organizers considered it important to honor Ukraine. The feature film “THE MOTHER OF APOSTLES” directed by Zaza Buadze, based on real events, opened the third edition of the festival.

Cine Review - Cannes 7th Art Awards - Rewards Ceremony Photo by Laurent Madelaine
Cannes 7th Art Awards – Dmytro Ovechkin, producer of the film “THE MOTHER OF APOSTLES” – Photo by Laurent Madelaine

The festival closed the French feature film “Roads of Fear” (“Sans Peur”) directed by Emmanuel Saez, a great action thriller, which will be released in cinemas in France on November 3rd. Congratulations to the entire film crew.

Cine Review - Cannes 7th Art Awards - "Roads of fear" Photo by Laurent Madelaine
Cannes 7th Art Awards – team of the film “Roads of fear” – Photo by Laurent Madelaine

38 nominated films from around the world competed in three categories: International, National and Countries of the Silk Road. 

The screenings of the films took place in following genres: fiction and documentary both full length and short films, animated films, experimental films and music videos. 

The jury, headed by a cinema and theatre actor Arsène Jiroyan, consisted of the following French filmmakers: Phillippe Donon, a documentary director and operator; Serge Bazilewsky, a current President and Founder of the Association of cinephiles of Cannes Ciné Croisette; Antoine Laissagne, a documentary screenwriter; Phil Dussol, an actor and film director; Tess Polycarpe, President of Young Audience Award (a Cinema Class of the College André Capron).

Cine Review - Cannes 7th Art Awards - Jury - Photo by Laurent Madelaine
Cannes 7th Art Awards – Anara Musrepova, president of the festival and association, Kirichenko Nina, mistress of the opening and closing ceremony and members of the jury – Photo by Laurent Madelaine

Starting this year, we have added the Young Audience Award to the list of festival’s film awards. This year we are collaborating with the film class of the College André Capron in Cannes, and here is the message we received before the awards ceremony from Madame Hermusilla Ana, professor of this film class:

“52 Meters later” directed by Frédéric Rabo and Clotilde Gourdon from New Caledonia wins Young Audience Prize.

The jury members of our film class appreciated how it was filmed a dystopian universe with technology as opposed to habitat and especially the call for climate change.

I am honored to be a part of this great festival and this wonderful selection.”

Cine Review - Cannes 7th Art Awards - Presentation of AwardsPhoto by Laurent Madelaine
Cannes 7th Art Awards – Tess Polycarpe, President of Young Audience Award, Marina Chekannikova, festival organization director
Photo by Laurent Madelaine

Here are the Award-winning films:


International Award – Grand Prize:
«Dreams live in trees» by Marco Della Fonte / United Kingdom

International Award – Best Director:
Marco Della Fonte «Dreams live in trees» / United Kingdom

International Award – Best First Time Director: 
Thibault Duler «Entrelacs» / France – Canada

International Award – Best Actress in a Lead role: 
Natalia Polovinka in «Mother of apostles» by Zaza Buadze / Ukraine

National French Award – Grand Prize: 
«Près de moi» by Alex Guery / France

Silk Road Award – Grand Prize: 
«Mom, I’m alive» by Aziz Zairov and Mukhamed Mamyrbekov / Kazakhstan


International Award – Grand Prize: 
«365 days later» by Riku Suokas / Finland

International Award – Best Composer: 
Noise In Your Eye «Censure» directed by Richard Bazley / United Kingdom

National French Award -Young Audience Prize:
 «52 metres later» by Frederic Rabaud and Clotilde Gourdon / New Caledonia

Audience Prize: 
«Fight for Ukraine» by Andrii Zaiets / Ukraine

Silk Road Award – Grand Prize: 
«Lonely Season» by Hamid Reza Mahmoudi Mehrizi/ Iran


International Award – Grand Prize:
«Miracle» by Shaofu Zhang / United States – China

Silk Road Award – Grand Prize:
«The sprayer» by Farnoosh Abeo / Iran


International Award – Grand Prize Full Length Documentary:
« I was not born for war » by Vladyslav Robski / Ukraine

International Award – Grand Prize Short Documentary:
«Being me at the current America» by Dmae Roberts / United States


International Award – Grand Prize:
«The Open» by Kit Pilosof / Canada

Audience Prize:
«Fare away man» by William (Wil) Bryant Allen / Australia

Silk Road Award – Grand Prize:
«Run girl» by Aaron Dormer / Germany


International Award – Best Composer:
Sebastian Kauderer «Timeless Love» directed by Breton Tyner-Bryan / United States

National French Award – Grand Prize:
«Dans l’ombre» (In the shadow) by Fabrice Mathieu / France


Best Director-Feature Film:
Emmanuel Saez, «ROADS OF FEAR» / France        

Best Cinematography-Feature Film:
Dimitri Borget, Alexandre Laugier
«ROADS OF FEAR» by Emmanuel Saez

Grand Prize-Documentary:
«10 Rounds» by Jean-Christophe Gonon / France

Best Cinematography-Experimental Film:
Marie-Pier Diamond
«Ancestral Land» by Gabriel Bissonnette / Canada

The festival ended with a traditional private after party at the Annex restaurant on the Mediterranean coast.
The Cannes 7th Art Awards provides a platform for independent filmmakers from around the world.
The submission is open for the 4th edition on the platform

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