MILA, Short Animated film, United States (2021)
Directed by Cinzia Angelini

MILA synopsis

MILA is a war story that takes on a child’s perspective. Inspired by World War II stories from the director’s mother, the character of Mila represents the best of humanity. Although she has lost everything – her family, her house, her peace – she still clings to hope. With a little more than imagination and humanity, she manages to profoundly impact others, including a caring stranger who saves her.

Director’s statement

“Today, children continue to suffer the ravages of conflict in many places around the world. Their current plight is what moved me to take action. While it’s civilians who are the first to be hit, it’s their children that are the last to be remembered. My wish is that my story could be seen by as many people as possible, to help promote a societal shift in our understanding of what the real, long-term, generational cost of war is. If “Mila” could change even one decision-maker’s mind about going to war, then all our efforts will have been worth it. 

What I wanted to show with this film is the strength and resilience that kids have, even when they are alone, abandoned and lost. I’m convinced that animation can be exploited as a vehicle for more meaningful messages. Hollywood might applaud socially relevant features, but it still views animation as essentially little more than “entertainment.” But it’s so much more powerful than that! It has such potential to affect fundamental change in how we approach each other, how we deal with societal challenges. Especially now, we need to exploit that potential as much as we can.”

Cinzia Angelini

Who is Cinzia Angelini

Cinzia Angelini a story artist, and director who has collaborated with Imageworks, Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Dreamworks, and Illumination Ent. After writing and directing Mila, a high-quality CG short film produced by the largest independent, world-wide, virtual studio ever created, she joined Cinesite to direct the animated feature film Hitpig.

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