Mother of Apostles

The film “Mother of Apostles” opens the third edition of the international festival “Сannes 7th Art Awards”.

The film “Mother of Apostles” is a Ukrainian military drama directed by Zaza Buadze, member of European Film Academy. The premiere in Ukraine took place in 2020. Bohdan Benyuk, Nataliya Polovynka, Oleksandr Pozharskyi, Stanislav Shtokin are in the main roles.

Mother of Apostles – synopsis

The film is based on real events that took place in the east of Ukraine in 2014 – 2015, where hostilities are still ongoing. The tragedy of war is shown through the story of one person – MOTHER. Before the viewer’s eyes, a complete picture of the tragedy brought by war appears. The formerly prosperous region has turned into ruins not only of cities and villages, but what is much worse — into ruins of body and soul. And all this is permeated with burning pain and a mournful song of the immeasurable love of a mother who runs to save her son in this hell of war.

Cannes 7th Art Awards Winner

Cannes 7th Art Awards 2022
International Award – Best Actress in a Lead role:
Natalia Polovinka in «Mother of Apostles» by Zaza Buadze / Ukraine

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