Nargesi, Feature film, Iran (2021)
Key Cast: Shahab Hosseini

The film, Nargesi, which is based on a true story, is about a character named Hussein.

Struggles of a Human Being with down syndrome disorder whose greatest wish is to find love and get married and, in that pursuit, he attempts at doing anything. It seems, however, that the present-day world offers no place for him and his love until a gift completely turns his life around.

Payam Eskandari about Nargesi :

“When I was little, I witnessed moments of someone’s life whose main quest was to find true love, not pity. Unfortunately, he never found anyone to love him the way he would have wanted to. 

At first, I didn’t understand why he couldn’t find love, until I reach a certain age. And I finally realized that people with down syndrome are not treated equally and no one believes they have true feelings like any other Human Beings. 

An “illness”, a “medical condition”, a “disorder” or simply a difference that he was born with. 

He is Hussein and he is my uncle. 

From the day I finally acknowledged and understood who he really was, I promised myself that I would show Hussein’s beautiful and ugly facets of his life to the world and that I would do from his point of view (not mine nor anyone’s else). 

Hussein taught me that you do not need a reason to greet, smile, dance or be happy”

Payam Eskandari, Director

Cannes 7th Art Awards 2021 (Cannes International Independent Film Festival -CIIFF)


Best Actor in a Lead role: 
Hussein Eskandri / “Nargesi” directed by Payam Eskandari / Iran
Best Actress in a Secondary role: 
Shirin Aghakashi / “Nargesi” directed by Payam Eskandari / Iran
Grand Prize Feature Film: 
“Nargesi” directed by Payam Eskandari / Iran


Grand Prize Feature Film:
“Nargesi” directed by Payam Eskandari / Iran

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