Pursue Dreams Deferred

Pursue Dreams Deferred, Documentary, United States
Director : Jason Scott Berns

Jordan Scott Berns, director, about ‘Pursue Dreams Deferred’:

“Pursue Dreams Deferred” is a film about a woman who realizes she’s never achieved her childhood dream of becoming a ballerina, and decides to pursue it at 50 years old.

It’s an emotional and physical rollercoaster, and we wanted to capture that in this film. However, we also wanted to focus on the fact that while pursuing your dreams deferred can be hard, it doesn’t mean they’re impossible. We want this movie to inspire women everywhere who feel like they can’t achieve their dreams because of circumstance or age or any other reason—to know that yes, they CAN achieve them!

The movie is not just about Lisa Clayton; it’s also about all the women who have sacrificed their own dreams for others, who have given up their own lives for others. It’s for all those women who are afraid they’ll never get what they want because of time passing them by or because things don’t work out exactly how they thought they would. It’s for anyone who has ever felt like anything was impossible—because if Lisa Clayton can do this at 50 years old, then ANYONE can do anything!”

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