Screening of short films, winners of the 4th edition of the Cannes 7th Art Awards

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05/23/2023, Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, Marché du Film – Festival de Cannes On May 23 at 1:45 PM at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, seven short films, the winners of the Fourth edition of the Cannes 7th Art Awards, were screened: National Grand Prize Short Film And old Sunday (France), directed […]

Simon C. Vaillancourt, “Phénix | Al-Kimia”  Director

Simon C. Vaillancourt & Shraddha Danielle Blaney

Short FilmCountry of production: CanadaYear: 2022Duration: 7:04 Cast and crew Director : Simon C. VaillancourtDirector of Photography : Simon C. VaillancourtExecutive Production : Shraddha Danielle BlaneyArtistic Direction and Concept: Shraddha Danielle BlaneyChoreography : Shraddha Danielle BlaneyCostumes : Stéphanie RodrigueMusic : Caroline PlantéArtists : Caroline Planté, Marcos Marin, Pooria PournazeriSound Recording : Philippe PelletierSound mixing : […]

Riku Suokas – 365 Days Later

Cine Review Riku Suokas

The adult sisters, Suski and Mikko, and Mikko’s 11-year-old child, Miro, come to visit their mother Anne for an annual visit on her birthday. Little by little, it becomes clear why the children only visit their mother once a year. Anne gets the whole group confused by talking about her favorite topics – death and accidents.

Fabrice Mathieu – France

Cine Review Fabrice Mathieu

Passionate about cinema, Fabrice Mathieu started studying at the French Film school ESRA while making his first short films in Super 8 and video. From his initial encounters a new group was born “Mauvaises Graines (Bad Seeds)” composed of actors, directors and musicians. Together they created pastiches based on commercials, trailers, television and movies of the 90s while working on different concepts of programming content for the small screen. He later co-directed the short film Reality Toon

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