Simon C. Vaillancourt, “Phénix | Al-Kimia”  Director

Simon C. Vaillancourt & Shraddha Danielle Blaney

Short FilmCountry of production: CanadaYear: 2022Duration: 7:04 Cast and crew Director : Simon C. VaillancourtDirector of Photography : Simon C. VaillancourtExecutive Production : Shraddha Danielle BlaneyArtistic Direction and Concept: Shraddha Danielle BlaneyChoreography : Shraddha Danielle BlaneyCostumes : Stéphanie RodrigueMusic : Caroline PlantéArtists : Caroline Planté, Marcos Marin, Pooria PournazeriSound Recording : Philippe PelletierSound mixing : […]

Simin Vaswani, “Resilient” Producer

Cine Review - Simin Vaswani

Simin Vaswani, is the CEO and Founder of Sarina Film Productions, she is a Writer, Producer, Editor, Actress and Dancer. She believes in leading from her heart and intuition. She is deeply committed to her own evolution, her son Karan, her family, and her eternal love, Harish Vaswani.

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