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Cine Review Richard Bazley

Richard Bazley is an Emmy Nominated Director. Although now a Director of both Live Action and Animation he comes from an animation background. His credits include Disney’s “Pocahontas”, “Hercules”, “Tarzan” and a Lead Animator and Sequence Director on celebrated Warner Bros. Film “The Iron Giant” Bazley started his career on the ground breaking “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. He also storyboards on Features and Series. A versatile Director Bazley has a background in CGI as well as Traditional 2D.
Bazley moved into Directing on commercials and series with popular commercials for Sky and Go Compare. In 2012 he Directed two Episodes of “Full English” at Rough Draft Studios (USA), a TV show made for the UK’s Channel Four (2012).
Through Argosy Film Group Bazley Directed “Lost Treasure Hunt”, an animated half-hour pilot for a proposed TV Series. “Lost Treasure Hunt”. In 2015 Bazley received two Emmy nominations for his work on the show.

More recently Bazley has been developing Feature films and is attached to a number as Director. In 2011 Bazley teamed up with Gary Kurtz (Prod. “Star Wars”, “Dark Crystal”) to set up the film production company GBK Hybrid based in London and Los Angeles. GBK Hybrid’s first short “Centurion Resurrection” filmed in Bath has played at numerous Film Festivals and won numerous awards.
“The Chimeran”, a Live Action/Animation Hybrid is the first film in development. Described as somewhere between “Planet of the Apes” and “District 9” this is clearly not just another creature movie. With Gary Kurtz’s involvement it ensures that the film has depth and character with many sociological issues that take it out of the realms of regular Sci Fi. It is grounded in real scientific theory, is thought-provoking, and relevant to the human condition.

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